Beer or Nukes; the Curious Case of North Korea

Key Points:

  • North Korea hosted its first ever beer festival in it’s capital, Pyongyang, running for 20 consecutive days.
  • This festival was so popular that it’s been planned again in the month of September.
  • There has been controversy and debate if this festival is genuinely for the good of North Korean citizens or merely just a publicity stunt.
  • Near the end of the festival, North Korea launched the test of it’s fifth nuclear bomb, the most powerful out of all that has been tested so far.

Hundreds of North Korean citizens and tourists traveled to Pyongyang to celebrate North Korea’s first-ever beer festival on Aug. 15. It lasted for twenty days and has had immense popularity, generating stories all over international news outlets.

The festival was filled with Taedonggang beer, one of the most popular beers in North Korea. Women wearing white and blue uniforms walked around all day serving beer and food, catering to the visitor’s enjoyment.

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