What I learned about social media reporting

This semester, my Social Media Reporting professor Anthony Adornato laid out a syllabus and gave us a list of goals that he hoped we’d accomplish by the end of the semester. Some of them entailed:

  • Effectively use social media for newsgathering, dissemination, and audience engagement.
  • Gain the technical skills of mobile news gathering through the use of mobile devices and apps to gather, produce, and distribute news content.
  • Create and enhance your own professional brand on social media platforms.
  • Become an engaged and active participant of the online community of the beat that you havechosen.
  • Use analytics platforms to monitor and analyze social media engagement and success.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of mobile and social media strategies and policies in news organizations.
  • Understand the public’s active role in the news production process, and the resulting impact on journalism.
  • Understand the flexibility, innovativeness, and entrepreneurial spirit needed to be successful in this evolving industry.

In doing this. I created my own Facebook page, amped up the professional level of my Twitter account, and made a website where I put all of my journalism work. In doing this, not only did I gain a lot of respect from my peers and people I was applying to work for. I’m still getting comments from people who are impressed that a sophomore already has produced so much work and has her own website.

I learned how to analyze participation in social media platforms and figure out that posting things during the evening would get the most feedback from audience members. I used Snapchat to appeal to wider audiences and tease them for a bigger story that was coming, like huge news organizations do now, such as NBC News.

I also learned how to produce news packages through everyday simple devices. Instead of using a huge JVC100 camera, I used an iPad to film a package. Instead of writing a huge print post about a story, I used the structure of a blog post to keep it short and sweet for audience enjoyment.

Most of all, I can proudly say that all of these goals were accomplished this semester through a lot of hard work, research, analyzing, and active participation. I leave this class knowing I have a step up above my other peers in social media and using mobile devices for reporting.

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