Website design as a strategy for marketing

Throughout the past years, research has shown that people leave a website page within the first 15 seconds of when they click on it. It’s becoming more and more imperative that in order to appeal to a wider audience, you need to set a good first impression.

This is especially important for non-profit organizations, as a good amount of their business depends on the audience that it’s reaching out to. The more people it can appeal to, the more successful the company will become.

One way to do this is to have a visually appealing website that also relays the right amount of information to get the audience member interested. Not only online, but on mobile devices.

Another strategy is the appeal from emails that are sent out. It’s easy for a person to get overwhelmed with the mass amount of emails coming into their inbox from different companies they’ve subscribed to.


The organization Nonprofit Tech for Good is offering a free webinar session that will teach whoever wants to participate how to properly design a website and market through emails.

The webinar will be lead by Heather Mansfield who will show how to redesign websites and emails so they look better on mobile devices as well as on computers.

Topics include:

  • Trends in nonprofit website design such as layout and strategic use of call-to-action buttons
  • How to format news articles and blog posts to increase your click-through rate
  • How to ensure your website and email communications are mobile compatible
  • How to integrate social media into your website and email communications
  • Tips for building your email list

When: Tuesday, May 3 at 1 p.m.

Where: online

By: Nonprofit Tech for Good

Register here!

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