Syracuse journalists give advice on social media

On Friday, we had the pleasure of Skyping with two employees of about their experiences in the field of journalism, particularly through social media. Katie Kramer and Christine Loman, an alumni from Ithaca College. They gave out advice about several aspects of the field, from what jobs look for in people applying to how much they’ve used social media as a tool for reporting.

Another topic that was raised was the ethical dilemmas that come with social media, since reporting through a social platform is much different from the traditional style of journalism that we all grew up with.

A classmate brought up the point that in traditional news settings there was controversy between being accurate and being the first one to post a story. She then proceeded to ask  if that still applied to social media and how that was handled, and Loman replied by saying that accuracy always comes first.

Another point that was brought up was the issue of print media that’s slowly dying out. Loman and Kramer talked about how social media really has begun to dominate the journalism world, and that staying up to date with social media is essential.

Some of the social media platforms that Kramer and Loman recommended knowing were Snapchat, Twitter, WordPress, and Instagram. They said that learning how to use platforms like these to report news is a strong tool that will allow many more job opportunities.

Finally, Loman and Kramer talked about what was essential for applying to a job. Their boss spoke to us and talked about how when people apply having a range of skills gives them a step up. She said that it’s harder to hire someone if they have a specific focus because the company really looks for someone who can do a range of different things.

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