Solar power means a bright start for non-profits

Key points:

  • Ithaca is currently installing solar power and aiming it towards non-profit organizations through the company Renvous
  • The pricing of solar power has been reduced so more and more non-profit organizations are participating
  • Green Star is one of the first non-profit organizations to participate in this

Ever since January 2015, the idea of providing solar power has been coursing through Ithaca but hasn’t been put into effect.

However now, Tompkins County has recently been in the works to have solar power officially come to Ithaca. The reason that it hasn’t come sooner? The price of installing solar panels was too high before a recent New York law change.

The way credits were set up to install renewable sources, such as solar power, tax liabilities were required but it was something that non-profits did not possess.

However now that the price of getting solar power has decreased, Ithaca is taking action to encourage these non-profit organizations to install solar panels for their companies.

In mid-March, the company Renovus hosted an information session for non-profits to encourage them to take a part in this county-wide plan.

When Renovus presented it’s information, they showed that within the last 18 months Tompkins County quadrupled the amount of solar panels installed and hope to install even more this upcoming year in September.

Green Star is one of the first non-profit organizations in Ithaca to have recently installed these solar panels, and many non-profits are following their footstep.

What this means:

  • Non-profits will be able to be more environmentally friendly at a more affordable price
  • Affordability of solar power will give non-profits a leg up in Ithaca, since this is a new thing happening and these non-profits will be some of the first to use it

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