Creating leaders creates non-profit success



When it comes to non-profits trying to gain attention and fundraising, they use many different methods that essentially are the same thing. They may have a Facebook page, a Twitter page, and reach out to people through the appeal of their product. While these are some effective, they are missing one key point that could give nonprofits a great boost to the attention and activity received.

According to the U.S. Trust Study of High Net Worth Philanthropy, when donors volunteer they are 73 percent more likely to give money than donors that do not participate. Activism is the key because when people invest time in a project, they are more likely to invest money.

How do you get people involved? With these simple steps.

  1. Recruit people. Find people who may have a passion for the subject that your nonprofit is based off of. For instance, if your non-profit is focused on local art, you may find people who appreciate art history or support the art culture of a town. Finding a way to spark interest rather than just attention can make a world of a difference.
  2. Educate people. A lot of times people are less bound to give money if they don’t fully understand the cause. There have been many cases where someone has considered giving money but didn’t feel educated enough on the subject, so they declined. By educating people not only are you gaining their attention, but you’re also gaining more involvement as they will fully understand what your cause stands for and may want a way to become involved.
  3. Find the right position. As noted in Tom Rath’s book ‘Strengths Finder 2.0,’ people are more likely to succeed at a position when using their strengths rather than trying to fix their weaknesses. By aligning volunteers with positions they can shine at, not only are they going to make the company stronger but they will also develop a deeper passion for what they’re working for.

When more people come involved, not only will they be more likely to give money but they will also be more likely to involve friends, family, and colleagues. They’ll be more likely to understand the cause fully and will not only understand why it means so much to you, but also the volunteers.

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