Phone app raise the bar for nonprofits

According to a recent blog post by Marian Conway on, a non-profit organization has created an application for mobile devices that not only promotes the company but also spreads awareness about the cause it’s raising money for.

Harvey Weisenberg originally created this foundation and from 1989 onward, devoted his time to helping those who were developmentally disabled. This idea was formed from his care for his son Ricky who had many limitations that Weisenberg wanted to help. As a parent, Weisenberg decided to create a non-profit organization that would reach out to a multitude of parents in the same situation as him.

Now the non-profit organization, The Harvey and Ellen Weisenberg Special Needs Resource Corp., has expanded and is launching their original mobile application that benefits the group.

Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 9.14.26 PM

This app is designed to help educate people on topics such as the rights of special needs people, educational programs, agencies and organizations that serve special needs people, and videotaped sources of other families in the same situation. Viewers can also donate to the non-profit organization through the application and have their name show up on the app.

While the idea for this mobile app is clever and original, there are both pros and cons to this idea. The success of this application really depends on the marketing and promotion that this organization can do to the proper audience.


  • Education for audiences for special needs
  • Interactive help that is entertaining and easy to transport
  • Promotion of the non-profit organization
  • An increase in attention to not only the non-profit but the issue itself


  • The source of information may be questioned or taken with a grain of salt
  • The popularity of this application may not fluctuate as hoped if not advertised properly
  • The application may take away more money than it can raise

The application was launched in February and will be available for anyone with an IOS device or an Android device via Google Play.

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