Gender doesn’t matter

As much as people may try to deny it, money has become an essential key for many types of lifestyles. Not only for individuals, but for non-profit organizations especially since their business relies on the charity of other people.

When reading an article off of Nonprofit Connect this week, Debra Mesch said that from her studies, women are an underlying cause to the charitable donations that non-profit organizations receive. An earlier report from Wilmington Trust states that “women do not see their wealth as personal possession, but as a way to initiate positive change.  It grants the freedom for women to support the cause they deem most worthwhile and this gives a sense of making a real and significant difference.” (Mesch)

I became interested to see if this merely applied to older people or just millennials or both, so I scoured social media to see how different people view what money means to them.

  • “Money is my effort at work in paper form. When I buy things I’m trading my time and effort for things.” –Tyler Sheldon
  • “Two things: traveling the world…. And not worrying. Having money means not worrying.” –Ashley Owens
  • “Money means being able to support my family and provide them with food, a home and a means to a stable life. money by no means buys happiness, but I do think it helps you in getting to do things you want to do that make you happy, such as going on fun trips with your family and going out to nicer dinners and such.” –Jessica Micale
  • “It’s important to live comfortably and beyond that it’s not important to my overall happiness and life and I feel like there’s more than that, but you do need it to live comfortably. Any excess money after that is unnecessary.” –Justin Miller

After viewing these answers from people who fall under the category of millennials, I’ve come to my own personal assumption that gender doesn’t affect charitable thoughts as much as political views and evolution does. In order for non-profit organizations to gain support money-wise, they need to appeal to both conservative people and liberal people separately instead of gender. This is one of the many steps that can benefit the slowly dying non-profit organizations all over the world.

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