Quartz has set a new standard for news

My biggest issue with the news right now is when it comes to social media and mobile devices, everything seems the same. CNN, NBC, ABC- they all use the same generic ways of spreading the news with programs like iPhone notifications, Twitter and Facebook. After a while, people get tired of seeing the same old thing and they look for new, entertaining ways of seeing the news.

However, a new app for mobile devices may be the change that audience members are looking for when it comes to finding and engaging in the news.


This app is called Quartz News, and rather than just sending news applications, it texts you the news and allows you to choose features to text it back with. The creator, the company and news oulet Quartz, is a digital news outlet that specifically designs their news for mobile devices and tablets.

The most recent app, Quartz News, involves the audience by allowing them to text back. A message announcing the news headling will pop up, and the reader can choose to read more about it or move on to the next topic.


After a while, once the news app sees the audience member’s preference for what kind of news they enjoy and can personalize it to their taste. These news stories not only come from Quartz, but several other news sources like

  • CNN
  • The Atlantic
  • NBC
  • The Daily Beast
  • Reuters
  • BBC
  • AP News
  • The Guardian
  • and much more!

When I first used the application, I was absolutely amazed at how simple of an idea could be so engaging and informative for anyone. Quartz is addressing the issue of engaging readers in the world and from what I can predict, many news outlets will soon be following suit with this enjoyable application.

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