Social Media for Social Good


The biggest issue for non-profit organizations, I believe, is that they don’t have enough endorsements to make them as successful of a company that they could become. So I have taken my experience with social media and knowledge on non-profit businesses to generate a multi-step program that all non-profit organizations can use to put out their name in a much more public way.

  1. A Twitter hashtag. The best way that millennials follow any type of event or company is by a unique hashtag that can easily categorize anything that regards the company. For instance, a local Ithaca company that is a non-profit store could have a hashtag of #NonProfitNewYork, or something that not many other places would claim. When customers use the non-profit’s business, they can be encouraged to tweet about their thoughts by using the hashtag. That way, not only can people use the hashtag to look up the company, other customer’s followers can click on the hashtag out of curiosity and the company is automatically endorsed.twitter-new-hashtag-pages-are-for-events-not-brands-c8320d8342
  2. Slack. This is a new, detailed way for group chats to take life. Within the group chat, there are different categories of chats that people can click on and different chats will pop up, containing the same person. If employees of the non-profit organization all join this type of group chat, it will allow them to all stay on the same page and allow the entire company to be on the same page. The group can have categories that fall under #schedule, #fundraising, and #statsslack2.png
  3. A fundraising page. On the non-profit’s website, they should dedicate a specific page to the fundraising goals, achievements, and companies/indivduals that are supporting the companies. By doing this, they can make it much more visible for potential supporters to see what they are supporting and see who else is supporting it.


The biggest issue is the lack of publicity that non-profits get. Hopefully with these few steps, non-profits will see more success and attention for their company.

One thought on “Social Media for Social Good

  1. This was definitely insightful as to how non-profits can increase their social media presence in order to spread the message. There are so many organizations that go unnoticed because they do not have the tools to spread their message, but social media gives them the opportunity to reach a larger audience. They’ll also be able to engage with their community in a much more effective way.


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