The Samaritan House

Founded in 2005, two women named Freda Schlaman and Ruth Woodend created The Samaritan House; a place for homeless people released from the hospital who have nowhere else to go. Schluman and Woodend both used to work with the homeless about 11-12 years ago and after their experiences, they wanted to take an initative to make an even greater impact with those in need. With the help of large companies such as Bank of America, BBT Bank, Wells Fargo, and Carolina Medical Center, these two ladies were able to make their idea a reality.

There are thousands of homeless people in Charlotte, NC and according to facility manager Gregg Chapman, there are constantly circumstances where these people are in the hospital and cannot afford to get the proper care after they are released. However ever since the founding of the Samaritan House, the number of the homeless healing is increasing since there is a place for them to go to.

As years progressed, the house saw remarkable progress that allowed them to take in even more homeless people. When the house first opened, it housed seven people. Now, it can hold up to 12 people, although the average is usually around eight people who stay for an average of 17 days. While the guests cannot stay past 45 days since the house is not a hotel or shelter, they stay different periods of times, from one day to 45 days. If the person is in need of long-term care, they are usually placed at a place such as a nursing care center.

Chapman says that the overarching goal of the Samaritan House is to get more of these types of places around the nation, and the organization is currently with a couple of groups to form more Samaritan Houses across the country.

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